Customized Transportation Solutions for Manufacturers & Minerals Producers

AHC has a strong desire to bring solutions to the marketplace that benefit all parties in the shipping equation without the shortcomings of traditional logistics outsourcing engagements. We are not an “all-or-nothing” logistics provider that mandates we take over a customers’ carrier base and freight. We encourage shippers to maintain strategic control of their transportation while we handle the tactical operations.

AHC’s service offerings, which allow customers to outsource one load or an entire portion of their supply chain, are completely customizable and includes Capacity Fulfillment Services, Contract Logistics Services, and Transportation Assessment Services (Consulting Services).

  • > Single Point of Contact
  • > Buying Power
  • > Customization
  • > Reduced Overhead

With our network of qualified carriers, we’re always ready to arrange for you to transport product cost-effectively by truck, rail or barge. Because of our volume of freight under management, we can get you the best possible rates. Regardless of your specific requirements, AHC can help you:

  • > Accelerate Delivery Times
  • > Simplify Your Supply Chain
  • > Reduce Overhead

For peace-of-mind that you’re getting the best rates and delivery schedules, depend on us.




Excellence in 3PL

Our team of seasoned professionals can help you obtain the best rates and delivery schedules with the safest carriers, as well as help you achieve route optimization.

3PL Services

Consulting Services

Filling in the Gaps

Delegate your compliance, administration, analysis and evaluation responsibilities to us so you can focus on your core business. We’ll put our field experience and knowledge of best practices to work for you.

Consulting Services


Service Centers

Adding Value to Value-Added Products

In today’s JIT manufacturing world, it’s essential to have a reliable partner for shipping coils, sheet, plate and strip to meet your customers’ unforgiving production schedules.

Metals Service Centers


Strengthening Your Value
to Customers

When you need plate, sheet, coil or special shapes moved by rail, truck or barge, depend on us.

Steel Manufacturing

Building Materials

The Foundation of Excellent Customer Relations

When product has to go to a jobsite or distributor, we have the ability to get everything from two-by-fours to drywall sheets to shingles wherever they need to be, whenever they need to be there.

Building Materials Manufacturers


The Elements of Effective 3PL

When you need industrial minerals and other bulk commodities transported safely, quickly and cost-effectively, depend on us to move.

Minerals Processors